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Join us for a day... or an hour!

Please join us for part of the walk if you would like. Let us know if you want to join on a specific day. We would love to see you there, will definitely give us a boost seeing new faces!

20th April

Billericay - Wanstead

21st April

Wanstead - Wimbledon

22nd April

Wimbledon - Chertsey 

23rd April

Chertsey - Windsor

24th April

Windsor - Henley

25th April

Henley - Harwell

26th April

Harwell - Shrivenham

27th April

Shrivenham - Malmesbury

28th April

Malmesbury - Rudgeway

29th April

Rudgeway - Newport

30th April

Newport - Cardiff Bay

1st May

Cardiff Bay - Barry Island

* Obviously everybody is welcome, but please sort out your own accommodation (we can let you know hotel we are staying at). We will plan to leave at 9 am from our meeting point, so don't be late! 

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