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The Full Story


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Pia was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in October 2020. Being the fighter that she was, she was determined to beat this disease, but sadly lost her battle 11 months later on 8th September 2021. We want to honour her life and make her proud. In doing so, we want to try and reduce the number of other families that have to go through what we have by increasing awareness of the disease and raising vital funds to assist in improving early detection of pancreatic cancer as well as improving treatment for what is a horrible disease. 

Before Pia's diagnosis, we did not know much about pancreatic cancer, and that is common with a lot of people. We know Pia would be the first to do anything she could to help others, so we want to follow in her footsteps and would appreciate any donations you could give.

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This walk is inspired by the TV show Gavin and Stacey. Pia grew up in Barry, Wales, which is one of the two prime locations in Gavin and Stacey. Not only that, but mum used to work at Marco's cafe in Barry Island where Stacey worked on the show.  Prior to Marco, Pia's family used to own the cafe before selling it on to Marco. Because of her upbringing, Gavin and Stacey became a vital part of our family time and we would spend hours watching it together. 

The Walk 

We have decided that the best way to honour Pia would be to walk from Billericay in Essex to Barry Island in Barry. It will be a 200 mile walk and will take place over the course of 12 days.  Gavin and Stacey managed to travel there and back in a day all the time in the show, so how hard can it be?!  Admittedly they did do it with a car!

We will be finishing this walk on 1st May, which would have been Pia's birthday as well as her wedding anniversary with Simon. It just makes the end of the walk so much more special and gives us determination to finish on time. 

If anyone wants to join us for a day or two please feel free to join or come say hi!

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